Friday, June 28, 2013

Craft Happenings this Week

There has been lots of crafting in our house this week and that's a good thing. I'm so glad my girls like to get crafty with me, it makes me happy to think about what kinds of projects we will make together in the future. My oldest, who will be turning 5 soon, already likes to make cards - sometimes she will suggest that I go downstairs to scrapbook and then she can make cards alongside of me. What a cutie.

So what have we been doing this week, you ask?

The girls wanted to do some beading on Monday. Sophie is very much into defined patterns and groupings so her first bracelet was in a rainbow pattern. I don't know when she learned the order of a rainbow but she has known them for a long time and I love that. I have to think of ROYGBIV to get the colors in order. Her other bracelet is so her. She loves to have things organized by color or shape (not that she keeps her toys organized!) so I think it's so cute that she did this.

Delaney, who is 2.5yo, is old enough now that she wants to do whatever her big sister is doing. Normally, she just likes to pour the beads back and forth from cup to cup or pour them into a muffin tin (I let her do this with some bigger beads that are easier to find when they spill) but she wanted to make a bracelet that day too. I set her up with some thin twine but because it is like DMC floss where it has several strands, I wrapped clear tape around the end to make it easier for her to thread it on the beads. Of course she didn't want to use the big beads that would be easier for her but we found some that would work. She was SO proud of the bracelet that she made.

I was also busy this week cutting these vines for my church's Vacation Bible School program. They are doing a Kingdom Rocks theme so we will be covering the railing with stone and vine paper and adding these to the top to add some dimension. I was helping brainstorm ideas for how to make some of the decorations last week and I'm so glad to be able to help. This is right up my alley!

I have been off and on whenever I get a few minutes on my Project Life page too for the week of May 20. I haven't had a lot of time to dedicate to it but it is coming together. It's nice that I have an area in our family room down in our basement to be able to leave it out. I would be so much further behind if I wasn't able to do this.

Finally, I have a whole list of other projects that I need to work on but haven't had time yet.
  • Make birthday party decorations - Sophie's party is in a little over 3 weeks. Yikes!
  • Finish my Mom's Shutterfly album of her Africa trip. I promise I will finish this soon, Mom!
  • Get started on my All About Me album that I hope to be putting together as I take the Find Your Voice class. I want to do this to give my kids and future grandkids (and great grandkids?!) a glimpse into what life was like in the last year of my 30s and in 2013. I had plans to do this when I turned 30 but it never happened so I'm not going to let that happen this time. I just got my sweet and girly Dear Lizzy Mini Project Life kit from HSN so I will be using that.
  • Make a bunch of birthday cards. My stockpile has run low.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about all the crazy stuff I'm trying to accomplish.

What's on your crafting plate?

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