Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Life | Week 22 plus my Project Life on the Go

We had a busy week so it was hard to fit in time for scrapbooking but I was able to get it done. Part of what helped me was that I took my supplies with me when my family went out of town for a night to celebrate a new nephew's baptism. I took my things with me and worked on it in the hotel room while my kids slept in the other bed and my hubby watched Harry Potter on TV.

This was my view at the hotel room desk. Yes, that is wine in a paper cup. Whatever works, right?! My hubby even used my scrapbooking supplies to get the wine open so in the end, he was glad I brought my stuff along.

And this is what I took with me. This case holds almost all of my PL supplies - except that I acquired 2 more kits (Midnight and Honey) that don't fit in there at the moment but I think I will be doing some rearranging soon. Normally I will stick my scissors, pen and adhesive in the tote wherever it might fit but for this trip, I just grabbed my whole tool tote because of lack of time (this was a last minute decision to bring this along). The left photo shows my core kits and the right photo is the backside of the Cropper Hopper Photo Case holding embellishments "of the moment" that I like.

I print my photos at home and usually slide them into my protectors right away, even getting several weeks in there at a time.Then it all goes in a large 12x12 envelope and is ready to go with me whether it is on an overnight trip in a hotel room or so I can work on it on my lunch break at work.

Now on to my completed pages. Since I'm still playing catch up, I kept the embellishing pretty simple. I used the Becky Higgins Jade core kit for this week.

I decided to change it up and make a 3x4 title card again. I'm not sure that I like having the title card so small but it allowed me to put the photos in at the size and slots that I wanted. I'll do that again if I have to but I think I prefer the 4x6 size.

This was also the week that I started this blog so I made sure to document that.

Do you travel with your PL (or other scrapbooking) supplies? How do you do it?
Let us know in the comments.

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative Project Life post in case you want to see other talented ladies' pages. 


  1. Fabulous layout, I travel with my magazines but have yet to grab the scrapbook stuff when I'm on vacation. I did my first Week card in the smaller slot this week too.

    1. Thanks Tina. Oh yes, I used to take magazines along with me when I had subscriptions. Now, I have my phone and am always pinning ideas. I have a longer vacation coming up but I don't think I'm going to take any supplies with me.

      What did you think about the smaller Week card? Are you going to do it again?


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