Friday, July 19, 2013

Gift Giving | baby shower and giving money as a gift

I went to a wedding for a co-worker the other weekend and had such a good time. There was lots of dancing and silliness and a beautiful outdoor (it was a little hot!) wedding for my friend. I knew I was going to give money for the gift but starting at Christmas, I decided that whenever I was giving money, I wanted to do it in a creative way, not just hand over a check or some cash. So this is what I did for my husband for Christmas. He wanted to buy a a new TV so he really just wanted cash. I got the idea HERE and it was really easy to do.

Then for my hubby's birthday in January, I made this. 

So what was I going to do for my friend's wedding? After a quick google search, I found the perfect idea. An origami heart made from a bill. I followed this fabulous tutorial on YouTube and made it pretty quickly. Then of course I pulled out my Cameo to make a box for it and card. This whole project took me about an hour.

I also attended a baby shower for my husband's cousin last month and this is what I made her. I love doing this stuff. This was another idea that I found by googling.

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