Friday, September 27, 2013

Kids Morning Chore Chart

My kids, specifically my 5 year old, have a hard time remembering what they need to do to get ready in the morning. Instead of having to tell them and repeat myself all the time, I made this quick little chart in Microsoft Publisher and so far, it is working great! I used washi tape (love that stuff!) to decorate clothespins for each girl so after they do something, they move their colored clothespin from the bottom to the side of the chart. I designed it so that both clothespins could fit on the right side but my girls put their pins on different sides - the pink goes on the left and the purple goes on the right. I like that system better (especially for small fingers) and wish I had centered my chart more but I already had it laminated at an office supply store so it's too late now.

The girls love this chart so much so I'm going to make something similar for their weekly chores.

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